Only practice can make your sewing better, but my mission is to demystify processes and techniques that will help you get better results faster and easier.

My name is Eira, founder of ThePatternLine, a site that concentrates on better sewing and high quality methods of garment construction. Featuring an in depth analysis of well made garments, as well as vintage and luxury garments finishes. My passion is to inspire and help makers and creators alike to take their skills to the next level.   

I’ve come to this place after more than a decade of working in the fashion field for contemporary, luxury and mass-market fashion brands. My career started at Tibi as an assistant pattern maker and later moved on as a pattern maker to a private label company. I have also worked with Wes Gordon, an American luxury brand, that was showing their runway collections as part of New York Fashion Week. I was also a product development specialist for the Eva Mendes line, a mass-market company where I’ve gotten to evaluate a lot of cost sheets, markers, quality of raw materials, and research trends and new silhouettes for every season, creating patterns for special projects in the process. 

You can now find me freelancing at an atelier that caters to both celebrity clients and fashion stylists, doing a lot of alterations and new developments. I truly enjoy this environment where I can continue practicing my expertise and learn new skills to share with my audience. 

Please look around the TUTORIALS section for sewing construction and techniques to get started, and SUBSCRIBE to get updates on new site developments. Check my Instagram account to find what I’m creating or experimenting with at the moment, and feel free to reach out to me with any suggestions or requests.

Happy sewing!