I pay a lot of attention to the construction and finishes of the garments. When I’m at the stores, I always look at the insides, make notes and take pictures if I love something, or would like to try it on on my next make. I’m particularly interested in high-end brands: what do they do differently with finishes? Is there a signature technique featured through their garments? Does it make a garment look more expensive and refined?

A simple top can look different only because of its finishes, and here’s how I finished my basic silk t-shirt. It’s made from silk crepe-de-chine, has no darts, and a lot of ease. If you have more projection at the bust than a B cup or a small C cup, you will probably feel better with a darted version. In this case, I would also finish my darts with french seams. 

Happy sewing!

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